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The story begins in New York City, where I grew up. My first suit was for my elementary school graduation – a department store fiasco for juniors. It properly engulfed my hands and sat on my shoulders like a comforter. The chest could be best described as ‘roomie.’

My subsequent suits marked my educational milestones: junior high bar mitzvahs, high school photo day, college interviews, then my first job, which led me to center of the suit world – Wall Street.

One thing remained constant however, the clothes never fit. They never fit me, because they were never made for me, not my frame, not my height, nor my body. They were made for department store mannequins and the imaginary average of people who did not exist. What was even more shocking was the abundance of people who I saw continuing to wear ill-fitted suits and shirts; shoulders that were too wide, jackets that were too long, sleeves that swallowed hands, and pants that sagged. There was no sight more rare than that of a properly-fitted gentleman.

That is until I traveled abroad. It was said by the Italians that every man had at least one great suit, and if only one, no doubt a perfect suit. And by all appearances that was the true. It was as if most of us did not realize we were wearing clothes that did not fit.

When I returned to New York, I stopped looking for that perfect suit – I made it. The truth is that the suit that fits you best, doesn’t exist yet, it hasn’t been made yet. I decided I wanted to change the way people thought about buying clothes, to change what people expect in quality and fit, and to change who people thought bespoke suits are made for. So I started “WilsonMui,” designing bespoke suits and shirts, bespoke outfits. I wanted to give people as much or as little control as they wanted in designing their clothes – but always knowing it would come out fitting them perfectly. I wanted to stop settling for “good enough,” and I’m changing that one suit, and one person at a time.